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GST Registration

As per the provisions of GST, a person whose aggregate turnover in a financial year increase beyond the threshold or falls under the category of mandatory registrations is liable to take registration under GST within 30 days from the date on which he become liable to get registered .

Threshold for specified states is Rs 10 lakhs whereas it is Rs 20 lakhs for those providing supply from other states. Further there are a number of cases where it is mandatory to take GST registration which includes:-

a) a person effecting inter state supplies

b) a person supplying goods through an e-commerce operator

c) Person who are required to pay taxes on reverse charge



Pricing Table

  • 2499 GST Registration
  • Any State
  • Without DSC
  • 3499 GST Registration
  • Any State
  • With DSC (Class II)
  • 5499 GST Registration
  • Any two states
  • With DSC (Class II)


  1. Compliance Requirement: As per the provisions of GST it is mandatory to take registration within 30 days from the day on which a person is liable to get registered.
  2. Eligible to take Input Tax Credit: A person who fails to register within the time prescribed would end up losing the input tax credit available.                          
  3. Business Growth: Major companies have started preferring taking goods or services from only registered person. Therefore it would help ensure smooth running of business.

GST Registration PROCESS

Initial Consultation

Our expert will understand your business requirement and will guide you throughout the process of obtaining service tax registration for your organization.

Document Preparation

Further our expert will file online application for allotment of GST number (REG-1) along with required documents to GST department.

GST Registration

After due verification of application, GST department will issue GST registration number in the name of your business entity.

Time Period

Efilings will help you in getting GST registration for your business in 05 to 07 working days subject to Government Approvals.

FAQs on GST Registration

: In how many states GST registration is required

GST registration has to be taken in all the states from which a person is supplying taxable supplies ( goods or services)

: What is the time limit of Registration under GST?

Registration has to be taken within 30 days from the date on which a person is liable to get registered.

: What is the disadvantage of non-compliance ?

If a person liable to get registered doesn't take registration within the prescribed period, he would not be eligible to take Input tax credit of the Input goods or services. While his output liability remains unaffected , therefore he may end up incurring huge losses.

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