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ESI Registration

Employee's State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) is an organization which provides monetary and medical benefits to Employees in case of sickness,maternity and employment injury and to make provisions for related matters. The Scheme is mainly financed by contributions from employers and employees. Industries covered under this scheme includes but not limited to factories, shops, hotels, restaurants, private medical & educational institutions employing 10/20 or more persons.At present all employees earning less than INR 15,000 per month as wages are covered under this act. The employers’ contribution is equal to 4.75 percent and employee’s contribution is at the rate of 1.75 percent, totaling to 6.50 percent.

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Medical Benefit

Person insured and his family members get complete medical care from the day he enters insurable employment. There is no bar on expenditure on the treatment of an Insured Person or his family member.


Sickness Benefit

Insured person also gets sickness Benefit in the form of cash compensation at the rate of 70 per cent of wages for a maximum of 91 days in a year subject to certain terms.


Other Benefits

Apart from the above benefits insurer is eligible for various other benefits such as maternity benefit, disablement benefit, dependent’s benefit etc.


ESI Registration PROCESS


Initial Consultation & Preparation of Necessary Documents

Our expert will understand your business requirement and accordingly will guide you in preparing the documents required for submission with the ESIC department.


Submission of Application

Once the required documents are prepared, our team will prepare &submit the application along with supporting documents with the ESIC department.


Processing and Approval of Registration

Once the application is submitted, ESIC department will process the application and grant the ESI Registration. This process may take around 10-20 days, subject to the approval of concerned department. Further during the processing of application, ESI Office may request for additional information or documents.


Registration Code

After the completion of registration process, a 17 digit unique identification code is allotted to the organization.

FAQs on ESI Registration

: Which organisations are covered under this Act?

The scheme is applicable to the below mentioned establishments:

  1. Non seasonal factories employing 10 or more persons.
  2. Shops, hotels, restaurants, cinemas including preview theatres, road-motor transport undertakings and newspaper establishments employing 20* or more persons.
  3. Private Medical and Educational institutions employing 20* or more persons in certain States/UTs.

* Note: 14 State Govts. / UTs have reduced the threshold limit from 20 to 10.

At present wage limit for coverage under the Act is INR 15,000/- per month ( w.e.f. 01/05/2010).

: What are the applicable rates?

The employer's are required to contribute at the rate of 4.75 percent and employee’s contribution is at the rate of 1.75 percent, making the total to 6.50 percent.

: What are the Compliance Requirement?

All individuals and entities registered under the act are required to deposit the contributions and file the return on monthly basis.  

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