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VAT Return

All traders and manufacturer having Value Added Tax (VAT) Registration, often called TIN Registration, are required to file the VAT return. The tax needs to be collected from consumers and deposited in a designated bank account to the state government. You then need to file VAT returns each month if you're running a private limited company and quarterly if you're running a partnership, LLP or proprietorship. This needs to be done on the 20th of each month for the previous month.

Due Date

  1. For a partnership (including LLP) or proprietorship return must be filed upto 20th of the month following the quarter, for eg. for April to June return must be filled by 20th of july;
  2. For other than above return must be filed 20th of the month following the month, for eg. For the month of April return must be filed by 20th of May.  

Pricing Table

  • 999 (all inclusive)
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  • 3999 (all inclusive)
  • D- Vat Return Filing for Whole Year
  • 9999 (all inclusive)
  • D-VAT Return filing for whole year.
  • Yearly Assessment in DVat





Return Preparation Request

Once you send in a request, we will inform you the list of documents and details you need to submit, for eg. TIN Number, balance sheet, tax liability, state of operation to prepare your returns, etc. We will further remind you of the due dates so you don't end up paying penalties.


Document Collection

We will collect the necessary information and documents for preparation of VAT return.


Returns Filing

We will prepare the return on the basis of data provided and will give you the opportunity to review the return prepared by us. One you approve it, we will file the returns with the state government. Upon successful completion of the process, we will mail the acknowledgment form to your registered email address.

FAQs on VAT Return

: Who is required to obtain VAT?

Value Added Tax (VAT) is a tax levied on the sales of goods in India. As per DVAT manufactures and traders should obtain VAT Registration, if the turnover exceeds INR 20 lakhs or the dealer make an interstate sale or purchase. The dealer need to apply for registration of VAT within 20 days, once the turnover crosses the threshold.

: What is Input VAT credit?

VAT is paid at each stage, whenever goods are being sold by the registered dealer. However, at each stage, the person selling the goods can take the credit of VAT paid on purchase of goods from the same state.

: What is due date of return filing and tax deposit?

In Delhi payment of VAT has to be made on monthly basis by all the dealers and is due to be paid by 21st of the succeeding month in which VAT was collected. Return for quarter has to be filed within 25 days of the succeeding quarter.

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