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Remove a Director

Director can be removed if he is disqualified as per section 184 of the Company’s Act i.e. failure of disclosure of interest by the directors; under section 164 i.e. he is unsound mind, an undischarged insolvent,  he has not paid any call in respect of shares transferred, etc ; absent himself from three consecutive board meetings;  to remove a Director from a Company or LLP if it is important to ensure the Company or a LLP would have the minimum required number of Director after removal of the Director.  

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ADVANTAGES OF A Remove a Director


Remove a Director PROCESS

Reason for removal of Director

Our Experts will understand the reason for the removal of Directors and appraise you on the relevant procedures.

Preparation of Documents

Based on the type of change proposed to the Board of Directors, our Experts will help you prepare the necessary documents required to be filed with the MCA.

Documents Filing

Once all the formalities and documents are ready, our Experts will file it with the MCA to effect the change in Board of Directors officially.

FAQs on Remove a Director

: Who is Director ?

Director is a member of the board having DIN who manages the affairs of the company.


: Who is Eligible to become a director ?

Director must be at least 18 years old and posses Director Identification Number. Foreign Nationals can also be Directors of an Indian Company.


: What is Director Identification Number ?

Director Identification Number or DIN is a unique number allotted by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs to any person who is a Director of a Company or proposes to be Director of a Company.

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