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Appointment of Director

In a Company day-to-day affairs are managed by its directors and employees. The Companies Act recognizes the board of directors and key managerial personnel in the company as the persons responsible to execute the activities of the company.

As per section 152 of the Companies Act, 2013,  if different person are not specifically named as first director in articles of the company, individual subscribers shall be deemed to be first directors. Every director other than first directors of company shall be appointed in general meeting as per Section 152(2). If the Company want to appoint a person as director in meeting other than general meeting, it can do this by appointing such person as additional director.  

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Appointment of Director PROCESS

Initial Consultation

Our expert will understand your requirementsand figure out the relevant procedures.

Preparation of Necessary Documents

Based upon your initial requirements, our expert will guide you in preparing the necessary documents to be filed with MCA.

Filing of Documents

After the preparation of required documents and resolutions, our experts will complete the filing process with MCA to officially update the changes made in the Board of Directors.

FAQs on Appointment of Director

: Who is eligible to be a director?

As per the Companies Act, only individuals are permitted to act as Director of a company. Hence it is clear that artificial juridical persons such as companies, LLP, or other kind of persons are not permitted to act as director of a company.Further every individual intends to be a director must be having a Director Identification Number (DIN). Furthermore only an individual can be a Director.

: What are the Minimum and maximum number of Directors in a Company ?

Companies Act, 2013 provides that minimum number of directors required for a Public Limited Company is 3(three), for a Private company it is 2(two) and as the name suggests only one person is required in the board For an OPC (one person company). The maximum permissible number for any category of companies is 15(fifteen). The provisions to section 149(1) allows every company, including a public company to appoint persons over and above 15(fifteen) by passing a special resolution.

: What is the Maximum number of Directorships?

An individual can be appointed as Director in a maximum of 20 (twenty) companies at a time. The maximum number of public companies in which a person can be Director is 10(ten) only.

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