Proprietorship Firm Registration

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Proprietorship Firm Registration

Sole Proprietorship is a form of business structure in which business is owned, controlled and managed by single person. It is the most simplest and common business structure in India and generally used by small business entrepreneur’s. A sole proprietorship can operate under the name of its owner or it can do business under a trade name, such as Expert Chemicals or Easy Solutions etc.

The sole proprietorship is a popular business form due to its simplicity, ease of setup, and nominal cost. A sole proprietor is required to take only tax registrations as no separate registration is required to register a sole proprietorship. As the business grows sole proprietorship can be converted into a partnership or a company.


Pricing Table

  • 1999 (all inclusive)
  • Service Tax Registration
  • 3999 (all inclusive)
  • Vat Registration
  • 5999 (all inclusive)
  • Service Tax Registration
  • Vat Registration

ADVANTAGES OF A Proprietorship Firm Registration


Easy Startup

As Sole Proprietorship business needs no separate registration, business can be easily started after obtaining necessary tax registrations.


Minimal Compliance

Sole Proprietorship business needs not to get its accounts audited unless it meets the threshold limit as prescribed by the Finance Act time to time.



Due to minimal compliance requirement cost for both setting and operating the sole proprietorship business is less and it can be considered an economical way to start a business.

Proprietorship Firm Registration PROCESS


Startup Consultation

Sole Proprietorship does not require any separate registration. Our expert will guide you which Tax or Business Registration is required after understanding your business structure and requirements.


Service Tax Registration

If your business belongs to service industry, you need to take service tax registration for identification of your business.


DVAT Registration

If your business belongs to trading industry, you need to take sales tax registration (TIN) for identification of your business.


Time Period

We will help you in registration your proprietorship under necessary statutes within 05 to 07 working days subject to Government Approvals.


FAQs on Proprietorship Firm Registration

: How Many People are required to Start Proprietorship Concern?

Only one person is required to start a Proprietorship and a Proprietorship can have only one promoter.

: What are the requirements to be a Proprietor?

You need to be a Citizen and Resident of India having PAN Card and Valid Address Proof (Voter ID, Passport, Driving License or Aadhar Card).


: Can I transfer my Proprietorship firm?

A business operated by proprietorship firm cannot be transferred to another person, Intangible assets like Government approvals, registrations, etc., cannot be transferred to another person because PAN cannot be changed.

: Can I have Partners in Proprietorship firm?

Proprietorship firms are business entity that are owned, managed and controlled by one person. So Partners cannot be inducted into a Proprietorship firm.

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