Limited Liability Partnership Registration

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Limited Liability Partnership Registration

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) is a new concept introduced in 2008 by the LLP Act. LLP is similar to partnership firm with an added advantage of limited liability of partners. LLP is now becoming popular over partnership firm as it provides limited liability to the partners and also provides protection to each partner from negligence, incompetence, error or fraud done by other partner. 

LLP provides advantages of Companies as well as Partnership Firm. In LLP partners can directly manage the business as in partnership firm and also have limited liability as of a shareholder in a company. LLP is compulsory to register with MCA and governed by LLP agreement.


Pricing Table

  • 7999 (all inclusive)
  • 2 DIN, 2 DSC
  • LLP Agreement, COI
  • Firm stamp
  • PAN, TAN(optional)
  • 10999 (all inclusive)
  • 2 DIN, 2 DSC
  • LLP Agreement, COI
  • Firm stamp, PAN, TAN
  • and one year free TDS return filing
  • 13999 (all inclusive)
  • 2 DIN, 2 DSC, LLP Agreement
  • COI, Firm Stamp, PAN, TAN,
  • one year free return filing
  • and one year free subscription of Quick Book

ADVANTAGES OF A Limited Liability Partnership Registration


Limited Liability

LLP provides limited liability to its partners, so if in case business goes under any trouble your personal assets are safe, which is not possible in partnership firm.


Minimal Compliance

LLP is required to get its accounts audited only if either its turnover exceeds INR 40 Lakhs or if its capital contribution by all partners exceed INR 25 Lakhs.


Tax Advantage

Partners salary is deductible from profit as per income tax act further no tax on distribution of profit among partners.

Limited Liability Partnership Registration PROCESS


Initial Consultation

Our expert will understand your business requirement and partnership structure and will guide you throughout the process of registration of your LLP firm.


Obtaining DSC, DPIN& Name Approval

Further we will apply for digital signature of partners and will obtain designated partner identification number and after that apply for the name approval of LLP based upon your preferences.


Registration of LLP and LLP agreement

After getting the name approved, we will apply for registration of the LLP and draft the LLP agreement.


Applying PAN & TAN

After the above process our expert will apply for PAN & TAN (as applicable) registration with Income Tax Department in the name of your LLP firm.


Time Period

We will help you in registration of your partnership firm within15 to 20 working days subject to Government Approvals.

FAQs on Limited Liability Partnership Registration

: What is LLP?

LLP is an alternative form of business structure that gives the benefits of limited liability of a company and the flexibility of a Partnership.

: What is the difference between LLP and partnership firm?

Under traditional partnership firm, every partner is liable jointly with all the other partners and also severally for all acts of the firm done while he is a partner. Under LLP structure, liability of a partner is limited to his agreed contribution..

: What is the capital required to start LLP?

You can start a LLP with any amount of capital. There is no requirement to show proof of capital invested during the incorporation process. 

: Does my physical presence required for registration of LLP?

No, your physical presence is not required; you just have to send copies of some documents and we will fulfill all requirements for registration of LLP.

: How is LLP taxed?

It will be dealt under the income tax and other tax laws separately prima facie a LLP is taxed as a partnership. The internal structure of the LLP is similar to that of a partnership.  

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