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Import Export Code Registration


Import Export Code (IEC) is required for organizations want to engage in the business of import or export of goods or services from India. IEC is 10 digit code issued by Director General of Foreign Trade of Government of India. IEC has life time validity and can be used by business entity throughout its existence and does not require any renewal or periodic return filings. So it is advisable for all businesses to have IEC as it can be required at any moment in future.







Pricing Table

  • 3999 (all inclusive)
  • Import Export Code without digital signature.(if applicant already have a Digital signature)
  • 4999 (all inclusive)
  • Import Export Code with class-II digital signature.
  • 7999 (all inclusive)
  • Import Export Code with class-III digital signature.

ADVANTAGES OF A Import Export Code Registration

Enables Import/Export

IEC is mandatory for all importers/exporter as import/ export of goods or services is not allowed if person importing/ exporting the goods or services does not have a valid IEC.


No Further Compliance 

Once IEC is issued, there is no requirement of any return filing with government. IEC should be quoted only at the time of import or export of goods or services.


Life Time Validity

IEC is issued for life time of the business and there is no further procedure for maintenance or renewal of IEC.

Import Export Code Registration PROCESS


Initial Consultation

Our expert will understand your business requirement and will guide you throughout the process of obtaining IEC for your organization.


Document Preparation

Further our expert will prepare application for allotment of IEC and submit the application along with necessary documents to director general of foreign trade.


Import Export Code

After due verification of application with supporting documents Director General of Foreign Trade will issue IEC for your business.


Time Period

We will help you in getting IEC for your organisation in 05 to 07 working days subject to Government Approvals.

FAQs on Import Export Code Registration

: What is IEC?

IEC is 10 digit code issued by Director General of Foreign Trade Government of India. It is required by person exporting/importing goods or services from/to India.

: Who can obtain IEC?

Any person or entity can take IEC, whether it is Proprietorship, Partnership, Company or Society.  

: Does my physical presence required for obtaining IEC?

No, your physical presence is not required; you just have to send copies of some documents and we will fulfill all requirements for obtaining IEC. 

: How much times it takes for obtaining IEC?

It will take around 05 to 07 days for obtaining IEC subject to Government approval and availability of your documents.

: What are the documents required for obtaining IEC?

Only 3 documents are required for obtaining IECi.e. Photograph, PAN Card and Cancel Cheque or bank certificate.

: Do I have to files periodical returns after obtaining IEC?

No, there is no requirement of filing periodic return with government. You have to just mention your IEC at custom at the time of importing/exporting goods or services from/to India.

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